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Vacuum Coating Machine Manufacturer from China
Vacuum Metalizing Machine

Sichuan Y&J Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and registered in Chengdu High-tech Development Zone, which is a leading brand in China. It is an integrated manufacturing enterprise with the ability to processing, manufacturing and selling an extensive range of high-quality vacuum coating machines with various types and specifications. Our products are classified into box-type vacuum coating machine, rolling-type vacuum metallizing machine, magnetron sputtering vacuum coater, automobile headlight coating equipment, sequential magnetron sputtering coating production line, vacuum heat sealing machine, induction-heating roller coating machine, etc. These products that cover a vast range are applied to almost all fields, including Food packaging, optics, electronics, watches, clocks, plastic, chemical industry, automobile, food, metallurgy, paper making, ceramics, glass, train, ship, doors, windows, curtain film, anti-static and electromagnetic film, decorative film, packaging film, solar greenhouse film, electric heater film, anti-frost and fog transparent film, LCD display and electroluminescent display with transparent electrode film. In these years of development, we gradually imported the most sophisticated equipment and testing instruments from developed countries and regions like American, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries and regions. Since establishment, we have been committed to putting customer needs as top priority and we have always been adhering to this concept by delivering excellent quality and supreme services, and we will always continue our commitment and adherence. We also engage in OEM.